Deer and Doe Pavot Jacket #2

Pavot flat

Well, I feel like this post is somewhat anti-climactic because I don’t have any photos of the finished project on an actual person.  After I made my Pavot Jacket, my best friend requested that I make one for her.  The challenge with sewing for her is that she lives in New Jersey and I live in Illinois.  I made some adjustments to the pattern, made a muslin, and sent it to her.  I was very happy that she was happy with the fit of the muslin. 


I got to sewing shortly after she picked out her fabric.  This jacket really comes together quickly once you get past the step of finishing all the raw edges of the pieces.  This step is done before sewing any of the pieces together.  I got the upper half of the jacket done and then stalled for a very long time.  The placement of the pockets is very awkward on this jacket.  It’s really the only complaint I have with the pattern.  I think most coats and jackets have pockets that are set in a bit more toward the front and not directly on the side seam.  It doesn’t feel very natural to walk around with your hands in your pockets with their positioning.  The best solution I could come up with was to do welt pockets on the front skirt panels.  Of course up to this point I had only done one welt pocket and I was pretty scared of messing up the jacket.  I also wasn’t sure how the inside of the jacket would look since it is unlined.

I stewed over this for at least a month.  Finally I got inspired by this Sew Skillfully post on Allspice Abounds and I forced myself to dive in and do the welt pockets.  I had just enough fabric left over that I could scrap the front skirt panels and re-do them with the side seam pockets if the welts turned out to be a disaster.  I used the pattern pieces from the Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers welt pockets and added about 6″ of length to the pocket bag.  I am really happy with how they turned out and I think that the pocket situation is a lot better on this version of the coat.


The jacket is made from a linen/rayon home dec fabric from Amy Butler called Memoir in Sterling.  It’s sort of a rustic, loose weave fabric.  I chose some wood buttons from Joann fabrics that I thought fit with the look of the fabric.

I am really excited that the jacket is finally finished.  I am crossing my fingers that it fits!



3 thoughts on “Deer and Doe Pavot Jacket #2

  1. I’m crossing my fingers too…vacation was a feeding frenzy. I might need to fat to fit into it, but I will!!! I’m so excited :)))))


  2. Beautiful job Teri, especially those gorgeous welts! It looks like they came out really well. I’m so glad my post inspired you to get moving on this jacket again. Sometimes you just have to dive in head first. 🙂 Here’s hoping your friend loves her new jacket!!


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