Shorts on the Line // Prefontaine and Juba Shorts

prefontaine 1

One of my summer sewing goals was to make myself some shorts.  I made some less than successful Iris shorts and a nice pair of Thurlow shorts.  With Shorts on the Line happening right now I thought I should try out two quick sew patterns that I’ve been wanting to make: the Juba shorts and the Prefontaine shorts

I was a pattern tester for the Juba shorts for men.  The women’s pattern is very similar, but it is 3 pattern pieces instead of 2.  There is a separate waistband in the women’s version, whereas in men’s pattern the top of the shorts is folded down to create a casing.  The shorts have an elastic back waist and a flat front tied with a drawstring.

I made a size large but when I tried them on halfway through sewing I realized they were a lot bigger than I wanted them.  I took in the side seams quite a bit– probably an inch or more on each side.  There is quite a bit of ease between each size so I’m not sure if I could have gone with a straight medium or if I would have been better off midway between a medium and a large.

I also wanted the shorts to be lower in the waist so I cut off about an inch all around the top before attaching the waistband.  I also added an inch to the length of the shorts. These are really comfortable but I think my fabric choice makes them look like pajamas.  I got this Anna Maria Horner fabric on super sale.  It’s not my favorite but it’s come in handy for making some wearable muslins.  Next time I make the Juba shorts I’ll pick less pajama-ish fabric and add pockets.

prefontaine 2

I also made my first pair of Prefontaine shorts this week.  I have been wanting to make these for at least a month and I’m so glad I finally got to them.  They were a lot of fun to sew and I loved getting to pick out a contrasting fabric for the bias tape trim.

I made a size 14 but these are pretty loose through the legs.  Because of the way these shorts are constructed there isn’t really a good way to take them in during the sewing process.  Next time I will make a 12.  I added an inch to the length to take the inseam to 6 inches.   These are going to be great for playing outside with my little guys.  (And at some point I will be making Prefontaine shorts for my little guys since I also bought the kids pattern!)




5 thoughts on “Shorts on the Line // Prefontaine and Juba Shorts

  1. Cute!! Yay for shorts! I personally love the juba shorts pattern as it is great for a lounging pyjama short or with a different fabric casual everyday short – I really want to try them in chambray!


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