Rayon Challis Staple Dress


I love reading sewing blogs to come up with inspiration for future projects.  Sometimes I find things I love so much that I want to directly copy them.  That was the case with this Staple dress.  I saw Sew Charleston’s dress and promptly ordered the fabric to make my own.


This was the first time I’d worked with rayon challis.  This particular rayon is from Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study line.  I can’t find this color online anywhere, but here is a different color available the AMH shop.  It’s a really nice, drapey fabric but it’s a bit slippery.  I just had to be sure to use lots of pins so the fabric didn’t shift while I was sewing.

I love the finished dress in this rayon.  It’s got great drape compared to the version I made from quilting cotton.  I used french seams for a nice clean finish.  At the time I made this, I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to do the pockets with french seams, so I omitted them.  Of course, I am constantly trying to put my hands in the pockets that are not there.  (And who knows why I thought that doing a french seam on a pocket would be any different than any other seam?)

This is such a simple dress to put together and I feel very chic and polished in it.  About 99.5% of my wardrobe is cotton so wearing something drapey and flowy is really different for me.


I had just enough fabric leftover to make a Washi tunic, which I’ll show off eventually.  I was inspired to sew more with rayon challis after making this dress and bought a fun Joel Dewberry rayon that is waiting in my stash for inspiration to strike!




14 thoughts on “Rayon Challis Staple Dress

  1. Wow! This dress looks fantastic in this fabric, and on you! Great choice – I need to get my hands on some rayon challis! I made the staple dress in a quilting cotton and I didn’t like it on me, but maybe in a more drapey fabric it could work. Gorgeous!


  2. Love it!! And I bet it’s deliciously swishy and comfy to wear. Rayon FEELS so wonderful. Also, while I don’t like sewing with it, many patterns that are too poofy in cotton look great in a drapier fabric like rayon. Patterns with a lot of volume in particular.


    1. I actually just remembered the thing that I liked least about making this– cutting the fabric without having it slip all over the place! I have gotten a lot better at using the rotary cutter now so next time might be a smidge easier. Fingers crossed!


  3. I seriously love this!! I have had this pattern for a while now but haven’t made anything with it. That needs to change soon!! 🙂 Also, did you line it?


  4. Did you have to sew a lining for this dress? Or wear a slip/tank top underneath? I’m thinking of making a rayon challis Staple dress, but I am concerned that it might be too sheer. What do you think?


    1. Hi Meg! This particular rayon is Pretty opaque so I don’t usually wear a slip with the dress. (I do if I am wearing it with tights do it doesn’t stick to my legs.) It depends on the fabric you use, but I definitely think rayon is a great fabric for this dress. I made one from quilting cotton and it doesn’t drape well at all.


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