Floral Riding Peplum

Peplum back

I am really struggling to get any sewing projects finished. Various things seem to be working against me– the reservoir on my iron is leaking water and soaking my ironing board cover whenever I use it. My ironing board cover is so old and stained. When it gets wet it’s been transferring the stains to whatever I am ironing, which is totally not good! I bought a new cover at Target and it didn’t fit. Then I got one at Joann Fabrics and it also didn’t fit. Finally last night I tried Bed, Bath, and Beyond and was successful! I went to Target this morning to get a spray bottle to use instead of the reservoir on my iron. I asked for a new iron for my birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks, but I should be able to make do until then.

Peplum 1

Anyway, on to the real point of this post!  I made this April Rhodes Riding Peplum at the beginning of the year.  My husband bought me the fabric for Christmas.  It is a really pretty floral print from Art Gallery Fabrics.  It’s called Ladylike in Black Tea and it’s from the Pat Bravo’s Carnaby Street collection.  I was thinking that the background was black (it was sort of hard to tell online) but it’s actually navy.  I love all of the colors in the print, especially the bright pink.  I have a pair of shorts that match the pink and I keep trying to wear them with this top, but I’ve never really liked the way those shorts fit.  So I guess I should add bright pink shorts to my sewing list… maybe for next summer, though.

I love the high-low circle peplum.  It’s nice to have some bum coverage when wearing skinny jeans.  I think this is such a great pattern– it’s a simple, loose fit and it can be dressed up or worn more casually.  This was my second version of the top, after I made a wearable muslin.   For this top I made a medium graded to a large at the waist and the size large for the skirt.  I feel like it’s just a bit snug through the mid-back and I’ve since discovered that using a large for the back piece and a medium graded to a large for the front gives me the best fit.  (I used that formula for my dress version of this pattern.)

I ordered some of April Rhodes’ Triangle Tokens fabric when her Arizona fabric line was released.  I am contemplating using it for a second dress made from this pattern, but I am not sure I have quite enough fabric.  I also asked for the new Alder Shirtdress pattern for my birthday and I may use the fabric for that.  But now I must force myself to finish up the two WIPs that are on my sewing table before I start any new projects!  I hope to have something newly made to show very soon.



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