Thurlow Shorts and Laurel Top

My goal this summer was to sew some shorts and I finally got a pair that fits!  I started with the Colette Iris shorts and wasn’t able to get a good fit from either of the two pairs I made.  I still want to work on getting this pattern to work for me, but I decided to move on to the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern.  I had high hopes for this pattern since all of the Sewaholic patterns are created for the pear shaped figure.  I hadn’t ever sewn a fly front before and I hadn’t sewn welt pockets before so this was a more advanced pattern for me.

There is a great Thurlow sewalong on and I referenced it pretty much every step of the way.  I made a muslin and ended up pinching out some excess from the front rise and also lengthening the back crotch curve a bit.  I made a size 12 and cut them to full length but didn’t cuff the bottom.  I also used my favorite pair of Gap shorts as a guide to slim the leg a bit.  I am happy with the fit of these shorts but I think next time I will add an inch to the length and lengthen the crotch curve just a bit more.

The welt pocket went pretty smoothly, but it took me about a month to get it done.  I stalled out on having to hand baste the welts closed so they would stay together when I sewed up the sides of the pocket.  Once I finally made myself do that part it took about 1 minute.  I don’t know why certain hand sewing tasks are so difficult for me to accomplish!  After I got one pocket done I decided to skip the second so that I might actually get to wear the shorts this summer.  I did fairly well on my first front fly zipper.  The right side is about a quarter inch higher than the left side.  I sort of fudged it when I sewed in the hook and eye so it looks level.  Next time I know I need to baste the zipper and make sure everything is even before doing the final sewing.  Here are some detail shots of the fly, the welt pocket, and the interior.

I used a black stretch cotton sateen from Joann Fabrics for the shorts.  The polka dot lining fabric is a quilting cotton from Joann Fabrics.  I like having some excitement on the inside of the shorts!

My shirt is the Colette Laurel top.  I made this top as a wearable muslin before I made my Laurel dress.  I drafted a Peter Pan collar and used piping around the edges to set the collar off from the rest of the top.  I have some issues with pulling in the upper bust area of this top, but not enough to keep me from wearing it.  I really like this top and want to get around to making another one at some point in the future!



12 thoughts on “Thurlow Shorts and Laurel Top

  1. Wow, super impressed with those shorts! Not only do they fit really well (no small feat with anything pants-like), but the pocket and fly look perfect too! I hear you on the hand-stitching. Unless it’s finishing on a garment (I do sew on buttons by hand), I tend to resist it (any kind of hand basting, especially). I’m also the same way about mending, I put it off and put it off and put it off and then it only takes five minutes and I’m like, what was my problem?


    1. I also sew buttons by hand– I should try to figure it out with my machine, but I haven’t felt motivated to do it yet. Mending anything is such a dread. I would rather make a completely new garment, which is so silly. I force myself to do it but I certainly don’t usually enjoy it.


  2. Congrats on conquering the fly-front zipper and welt pocket! Those are two techniques I really want to try myself, so I’m glad to hear you managed to figure them out. I also love the polka dots on the inside of the shorts – just for fun. 🙂


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