Maxi Washi Dress


Washi with Cardigan

I feel like I should apologize for unloading another Washi on you, but this is currently the only thing I have photographed (and these photos look like they were taken in a wind tunnel!)  I am 99.8% finished with my first pair of Thurlow shorts and I was hoping to have them done but for some reason I haven’t been able to motivate myself to sew on the second piece of the hook and eye closure.  Pathetic, I know.  I am very excited about those shorts, though, so I will get them done and photographed this weekend.

WAshi 3

This maxi Washi is like secret pajamas.  I used a cotton lawn (also seen here on my Belcarra Blouse) and lined it with a white voile.  It is like wearing a fancy bedsheet.  The fabric is perfect for the hot days of summer.

Washi 2

I used Rae’s tutorial to lengthen the Washi pattern to maxi length.  It was really easy to do, as was lining the dress following her tutorial.  I lined the dress to knee length.

Washi 1

I do have another Washi dress in my closet, but I’ll try to take a little break before I put it on the blog!



9 thoughts on “Maxi Washi Dress

  1. I’m working on my second Washi dress right now!! In soft rayon, with a button placket for nursing access. I am hoping it’s as soft and comfy as “secret pjs”!


  2. I like it. Looks cool and comfortable. I am scared to try my first Washi. I bought the pattern over six months ago. I have not tried garment sewing yet. I will get there eventually. This looks so comfortable!


    1. Holly, I was sort of nervous about sewing my first Washi. It was one of the first times I made a muslin before sewing the final garment and it made a huge difference. Rae’s instructions are really thorough, so once you feel like trying it I think you’ll do well.


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