More Washis!!

Washi Tunic

This past weekend most of my sewing time was spent Washi making. I made a Washi dress for a friend of mine in the early Winter and she just asked me to make her another dress and a tunic. I love sewing Washis so I was happy to make them for her. She picked out some great chambray fabrics and I love how both of them turned out. Sadly, because this friend lives in Canada (and she hasn’t even gotten her new dress and tunic yet) all I have is photos of these on hangers. These were the 9th and 10th Washis that I’ve made– I really love this pattern!

The tunic was made from this small herringbone chambray and the dress was made from this slub chambray, both from Robert Kaufman.  When I placed the order for the fabric I ordered extra of both since I’ve really been on a roll sewing with chambray lately!  I used the herringbone chambray for Luke’s pullover parka and I am currently making myself an Everyday skirt with the last bits of leftover fabric.

I made this Washi tunic quite a while ago and it is one of my favorite me made items.  I made it using Sarah Jane’s When I am King fabric.  I love the color of this pink and the printed crowns are so fun.

I’ve worn this shirt quite a bit this spring and summer.  It’s a nice light weight and it’s good for hot weather. Have you made a Washi yet?



9 thoughts on “More Washis!!

    1. Oh, Fiona, that’s too bad. I am a bit jealous you got those Colette Iris shorts to fit so well. I am wondering of that pattern doesn’t suit my shape. I will give it one more try before I give up for good!


    1. No, I didn’t do any alterations to the waistline. I did alter the arm holes a little because I needed them to be cut a little deeper in the front. Did you do all of the rows of elastic thread on the back in your muslin? That could make a difference. Also, the tunic has different cutting lines than the dress–it’s not as full. That could be the difference.


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