Jane Knickers

I made my first pair of knickers!  (I will not be modeling them for you– no need to thank me!)   I have been admiring the patterns from Measure Twice Cut Once for a little while and last week they were the featured pattern designer on Kollabora.  The Jane knickers pattern was on sale for 20% off so I scooped it up.  I’d seen many versions of this pattern on Instagram recently and despite it not being my normal style I decided this pattern was probably a good starting place.

Jane Knickers

The pattern uses bias cut woven fabrics.  I thought it would be a great stash buster pattern, but once I got to my stash I realized that the majority of my fabric has a directional print that would be running sideways if cut on the bias.  I found this polka dot fabric and a coordinating print for the front top panel.  I had just enough to make these knickers.  I cut the largest size and they were way too big.  I took in the side seams before I added the elastic, but next time I think I will go down 1 or maybe even 2 sizes to get a better fit.

Jane Knickers 2

I had some trouble with the elastic.  My first go round I used the 1/4″ elastic that the pattern calls for.  I must’ve stretched the fabric while I was sewing on the elastic because the waist was gigantic when I was done.  I unpicked the elastic and popped the knickers in the dryer to get the waist back into shape.  The second time I used picot edged elastic that was a 3/8″ wide.  I did my best not to stretch the fabric and they are better now.  They could stand to be a bit smaller in the waist, but I think making a smaller size will solve that problem.

Jane Knickers 1

I really want to try the Georgiana or the Charlotte knickers, too.  These are styles that I would wear everyday and I am very curious to see how the woven fabrics would feel under pants.  A free pattern called the Darcy boxers was just released a few days ago, too, so that would be a great place to start if you’re interested in trying a pattern from Measure Twice Cut Once.




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