Sugar Pop Top

Sugar Pop 5

I am really drawn to fun colors and prints when I buy fabric.  But before I started sewing so many of my own clothes one of the things I always bought was white shirts.  When I was trying to figure out what fabric to use for my first Sew Caroline Sugar Pop Top, I decided that it was high time I made myself a white shirt.  This fabric was in my stash from ages ago.  I’m sure it came from Joann Fabrics and I think it had intended to use it for a valance in our kitchen.  It’s actually not plain white– there are tiny white pin dots all over it.

I bought this pattern right away when Caroline released it.  It got put in the pile of things to make and I only just got to it.  I had a bit of trouble figuring out what size to make.  As usual my measurements put me all over the place.  I made a quick muslin and the top ended up being too roomy so I sized it down.  I think I probably ended up with a medium on top graded to a large on the bottom.  I also had trouble with the darts.  They didn’t seem to be hitting me where I thought they should.  The seemed a little low and the shape of the dart was different than what I’m used to.  When I sewed the dart legs the side seam wasn’t a nice straight line.  The fabric on the top of the dart was wider than the fabric on the bottom of the dart.  I ended up leaving the darts as they are on the pattern since my attempts to redesign them weren’t working well.  My side seam starts with a little zig zag, but it’s under my arm and (other than you lovely readers) I won’t point it out to anyone.

Sugar Pop

I did my first rounded shoulder adjustment on this top.  I checked out a book from my library about fitting patterns because I often have pooling fabric in my lower back area.  I wasn’t convinced that a swayback adjustment was the right thing for me.  The book says that the shoulder seam should line up with the top of your shoulder (seems obvious, right?!) but a lot of my hand made clothes have this seam hitting behind the top of my shoulder.  It’s not news to me that I have horrible posture and hunched shoulders.  The fix for this is to lengthen the back pattern piece shoulder seams (I did a 1/2 adjustment so I made the shoulders 1/2 longer) and remove the same amount from the front pattern piece.  This moves the shoulder seam forward.  (Here is a tutorial with pictures.  She is only moving the outer part of the shoulder seam and I moved the entire shoulder seam.) It worked like a charm for me.

Sugar Pop 3

After wearing this shirt a few times I realize I should have also adjusted the curve of the front armscye to account for my rounded shoulders.  I am getting some fabric folding up right in front of my shoulders.  If I cut some of that out with a bigger armscye in the front I think it would go away.  The question is do I fix this shirt or just make the change on the next one?  Maybe it’s something I will do in the winter when the shirt isn’t getting worn as much.

Sugar Pop 2

So this is a very long post all to say that I really like this shirt.  Once I got my fit issues resolved it was a very quick sew.  I love a good Peter Pan collar and the cap sleeves are a fun detail.  (There is also an option for a flutter sleeve.)  I like the subtle hi-low hem and the loose, comfy shape.  It’s another great, casual summer shirt!



2 thoughts on “Sugar Pop Top

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Until I read this I was tearing my hair out because of the darts. I’m a beginner so I assumed it was me! I’ll keep fiddling


    1. I’m glad I could reassure you, Lisa! I haven’t gone back and made another of these tops but if I do I will make some tweaks to the pattern to straighten out the side seam. I hope you get yours figured out!


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