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Oliver+ S Sunny Day Shorts

This weekend I was super productive sewing shorts for my boys.  I made 5 pairs of Sunny Day Shorts from Oliver + S.  This is a free pattern that was released about 3 weeks ago.  My older son, Luke, really needed some new shorts this summer.  I bought him some from Kohl’s and Target to get us by, but I knew I wanted to make him some.  Both of my guys need some pajama shorts, too.

I started out with some seersucker shorts for Luke.  The Sunny Day shorts pattern doesn’t include pockets so I used the pocket pattern from the Parsley Pants.  I bought this fabric when he was about a year old.  I had intended to make him a playsuit from it, but it never happened.  I love how the shorts turned out and I had just enough fabric to squeak out a pair for Andrew, too.  I couldn’t put pockets on his so I appliqued a star on the leg.  He is very into shapes and stars are his favorite.

I moved on to a linen pair for Luke using the leftover fabric from a failed pair of Colette Iris shorts.  (Blog post coming soon!) These turned out great and I think he looks so cute in them.

My mom is cleaning out her attic and brought over a bunch of my old clothes to see if I still want them.  There were some really big 90’s style men’s shirts in the bag and they turned out to be just the right amount of fabric for making more shorts.  Luke now has a pair of shorts made from an old denim shirt and a pair of jammie shorts made from a green and white gingham shirt.

This is a great pattern– the shorts fit well and they are a really quick make.  I have plans to make a few more pairs of these out of some other old shirts and some fabric in my stash.

Be back soon with a tale of woes about shorts I’m trying to make for myself.


9 thoughts on “Oliver+ S Sunny Day Shorts

  1. Wow, these look great and I love how you manage to upcycle! Great idea to use the Parsley pocket pattern – it didn’t occur to me and I thought I’d have to draft pockets!


    1. Thanks, Fiona! The only change I made to the pockets from the Parsley Pants was to take about 2″ off the top since the Sunny Day shorts have a separate waistband and the Parsley Pants don’t.


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