Me Made May ’14 Day 26-31

Me Made May is finished!  I had so much fun taking part this year.  I didn’t have this as one of my goals from the start, but I made it though the month with no me-made repeats.  One of the highlights of this was following along on Instagram and seeing what other participants were wearing.  I found a few new bloggers to follow and have gotten some inspiration on things that I want to sew.  Last week I said that I wanted to focus on making myself some shorts.  I made two pairs of Colette Iris shorts this week.  The first one is a bit too small and too high wasited.  The second pair, which I wore on day 30 is lower in the waist, but too loose.  I think I will give this pattern one more try before I move on to another pattern.  I think I am going to try the Sewaholic Thurlow shorts next.

Day 26– My Favorite Ship Washi Dress

Day 27– Everyday Skirt (unblogged), ready to wear tee

Day 28– Very old self drafted skirt, ready to wear tee

Day 29– Briar Rose Round Trip Dress

Day 30– Penelope Peplum, Colette Iris shorts (unblogged)– both of my sons ended up in this picture, too!  They are the best me-mades!

Day 31– Riding Peplum (unblogged), ready to wear shorts

Thanks for hanging in there with me throughout Me Made May!  I’ll be back soon with a new make!



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