Spring Top Sewalong // Tana Lawn Sleeveless Josephine Top // Chambray Brigitte Scarf

Josephine 1

I have loved taking part in this year’s Spring Top Sewalong!  It was a great excuse for me to use some of the fabrics in my stash and some of patterns I hadn’t gotten to before.  Last week during Selfish Sewing Week I was inspired to cut into some Liberty of London fabric that I’ve had in my stash for about 2 years.  I bought it with a gift card to Purl Soho that my sister gave me for my birthday.  I didn’t have any idea what I was going to make when I bought the fabric, I just knew I wanted to get as much Tana Lawn as I could and save it for when inspiration struck.  I had 1.5 yards and I’ve looked at it often but mostly felt too scared to ever do anything with it.

I was thinking about the fabric last week and decided it wasn’t doing me any good living in a bin under my bed.  I love my other two Josephine tops and I think it’s a great style to showcase a special fabric.  It’s casual and comfortable and it has those lovely pleats in the front that give it a feminine touch.  The fabric is wonderful, of course.  It’s got this soft but crisp feeling that I love.

I made the sleeveless version with only one modification.  I used some of the chambray I had left over from my Scout tee for the neck binding and I flipped it to the outside of the shirt.  I like this little detail and I think it helps to have a little color up by my face.  As much as I love this fabric it was kind of washing me out a little bit.

Here are some details of the inside– I love how the pleats overlap the raw edges on the center front seam. Rae thinks of everything! I french seamed the shoulders and pressed the side seams open then folded and top stitched them down.

I also made another Brigitte scarf in honor of the UK release of Tilly’s book— sadly it looks like we have to wait until October to get it here in the US.  I loved seeing her preview of the patterns in the book.  A chambray Clemence skirt is going to be at the top of my list to make when I get the book!



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