Spring Top Sewalong // Selfish Sewing Week // Voile Ruby Top

I finally finished my Ruby top!  I made this top last week during Selfish Sewing Week.  I got hung up on hand sewing the lining down and it sat unfinished for longer than it should have.  The hand sewing only takes a few minutes– it’s just getting motivated to do it that takes me so long!

This is my first Ruby.  I didn’t buy the pattern right away when Rae released it because I didn’t think the silhouette would be the most flattering on me.  I love the Washi dress/top and Josephine so much and I think they’re better styles for me because there is more shaping.  I kept seeing really great versions of Ruby, especially the ones where people added sleeves, and I decided to give it a go.

I really love how light and airy this top is.  The fabric is a voile from Art Gallery Fabrics called Wild Beauty in Pineapple.  It’s so silky and soft.  I loved working with it and I know I’ll love wearing it.  I’m still not totally sure it’s the best style on me, but this top is loose and comfortable and perfect for the upcoming hot, humid weather we get in the Midwest.

I lined the yoke, using this series of video tutorials from Rae.  The method she uses here is very similar to the videos she made for lining the Washi, which I’ve done a few times.  I also did french seams so the inside is nice and clean.

I had a little trouble with getting this pattern to fit.  I initially made a large and decided it was too big.  I took it apart and cut it down to a medium and decided it was too tight across the back.  I had just enough fabric leftover to cut one more back yoke in a size L.  So the front yoke, and front/back main pieces are mediums and the back yoke is a large.  I also noticed some strange pooling in the lower back, almost like a V shape was being made from the underarm area to the middle of the back.  Could this call for a rounded shoulder adjustment? I experimented with putting some mini darts in the back neck curve and it helped with the pooling but I was getting some gaping in the armholes.  I think it will try to modify the back yoke for next time and see if pinching out a little bit of excess helps.  I didn’t have enough fabric to make a 3rd back yoke so I decided to leave the top as is.  I can’t see the back, anyway, and I’m sure it fits me better than anything I’d buy in a store!

Ruby inside

**Update– My sister requested a photo of my french seams.  Here is the inside of the top!


2 thoughts on “Spring Top Sewalong // Selfish Sewing Week // Voile Ruby Top

  1. Diouxde, yioux shiouxld flip that top inside out and take a picture of your Fronsch seams. I would like to see that.


    1. diouxde, i will take pictures and add them to the post. the trouble is that i am wearing the shirt right now so you might not get to see the fronsch seams until tomorrow. i posted pics of the fronsch seams on my chambray scout woven tee from last week if you need to see some urgently. haha!


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