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Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas

Pajama pants were sort of the gateway drug for my sewing obsession.  I have sewn countless pairs of pajama pants for myself because they are a great, quick project that can really showcase a fun fabric or print.  Now I love sewing them for my sons, too.  My favorite pattern is the Sleepover Pajamas from Oliver + S.

I have sewn this complete pattern four times and made two extra pairs of pajama pants.  (One of the pairs was for a girl so I had fun adding the optional ruffle on the cuff.)

These are the matching sets I made for Luke and Andrew.  I found the fabric on clearance last year at

It is a tools and gears print with lots of fun colors.  Luke really likes this fabric– he loves to point out all the colors and tell me which is his favorite color (green) and which color is the favorite of each of his grandparents.

I love all the little details on this pattern.  The contrast on the placket, pockets, waistband, and cuffs is great.  I find that sewing the neck facing/placket detail takes the longest and then the rest of the pattern sews up really quickly.  (And the placket doesn’t really take that long at all.)

When I sewed these up both guys needed the sleeves and pants cuffed but they grow so quickly that the cuffs are already undone.  Luke is wearing a 4 and Andrew has a 2T top and the 18-24 month pants.  I bought the pattern in the bigger size range because it won’t be long before Luke will be too big for these.

Also, I have no idea how bloggers who mostly sew kids clothing ever get decent photos.  It was completely hilarious trying to get any pictures of Andrew where I could actually see the clothes.  Ah well, at least I got some shots of his sweet little face!




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