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Embroidered Dresden Plate

I love sewing clothing, but I also really enjoy quilting.  I am really inspired by Amy from nanaCompany.  Her blog features so many amazing creations.  Almost 2 years ago she offered this free embroidery pattern of a quote from Mother Teresa and I loved the mini quilt she made to showcase it.  I knew that I wanted to try to make one of my own.

I stitched it up right away and used this tutorial to make a dresden plate mini quilt.  I really love how it turned out but it just sat on my dresser until a few weeks ago because I couldn’t figure out how to hang it.  I ended up making triangles out of folded squares of fabric and sewing them into the back corners under the binding.  I put 2 small dowels into the triangle pockets.  The top one is to hang on a nail and the bottom dowel keeps the lower corners from flipping out.

I love having my quilt hanging on the wall now.  I am amazed by this embroidery pattern and hope to get to it eventually!


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